Statement On behalf of Keyingham Parish Council and Trustees of Boyes Lane Recreation Ground.6th July 2021

Statement from Trustees 30th July 2021

Interim Statement 26th July 2021

The Charity Commissioner Document for Boyes Lane

Following its recent closure, the field was re-opened on Mon 22 March 2021. The Parish Council has undertaken the remedial actions as advised by ERYC. Regular inspections will continue and any further action taken as required.

The incident involved blue rat poison put into rabbit holes by unknown individuals. Rabbit holes under and adjacent to the hedgerows appear to have been most affected.

The incident was reported to the Police and ERYC who provided specialist advice and support.

Every effort has been made to ensure the field is safe for normal usage. We continue to strongly recommend that your dogs are discouraged from digging or exploring rabbit holes.